Reflecting the Stars

Jon Morris, The Windmill Factory

Pipe Caps, Acrylic, PV Cells, LEDs, Batteries, Wireless Tranceivers, the Sun

Engineered by Adam Berenzweig
Design by Rich Schwab. Manufacturing Andy Baker at Kontraptioneering
Logo, Plaque, and Video by Nick Bastis. Production support Abram Lewis-Rosenblum
Star Dedication Website Design by Sara Chai Butler
Sponsored by Hudson River Park, Pure Project, Seeed Studio, Edmund Scientific, Tenergy, Otto, E & T Plastics, Cute Digi, Rob Bethge, Phelan Foundation.
With Ana Luiza Constantino, Corrie Van Sice, Gabriella Levine, Lynn Burke, Shana Tribiano, William Oberlin, Danielle Pinna, Justin Boone, Jeff Yurcan, Aparna Sundaram, and Chris Berlin.