“A film noir–turns–twisted fairy-tale nightmare? Red lips and gold lamé? Yes please!” VOGUE

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From the Treatment by director Michael McQuilken: We begin with classic/traditional B&W film noir tropes: hard angled light in a smokey disheveled office. An unshaven private eye, JON MORRIS, sits at a ridiculously cluttered desk. He is staring into space… no job, no woman, no luck, no cash — We’ve stepped into into a Billy Wilder film… THEN -- A knock at the door — The door looks as if it’s opening on it’s own — magically — in slow mo. There she stands: the classic Film Noir Widow, JULIA STILES: all in black - a tight 40’s dress, fishnets & low heels, black gloves, a mourning veil, a brimmed hat, a long cigarette in a holder. She doesn’t so much inhale the smoke from her cigarette as she fills her mouth and lets it slowly enwrap her face as it creeps out of her slightly opened lips. Dark red lips — the only color in a black and white world...

Brooklyn, NYC

Creative Concept/Direction: Michael McQuilken
Producer: Jon Morris
Executive Producer: Graham Burns
Producer/Detective: Jon Morris
Femme Fatal: Julia Stiles
Leisure Cruise: Leah Siegel & Dave Hodge featuring Jay Shepard & Aaron Kinsley Brooks
Editor/VFX: Michael McQuilken
Director Of Photography: Amy Obarski
Assistant Camera: Alex Frasse
Hair Stylist: Evanie Frausto
Make Up: Zlata Kolomoyskaya
Stylist: Stacey Berman
Art Department: Clementine Seely, Ruben Pacheco
BTS Camera and photos: Graham Burns
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Vogue -- “A film noir–turns–twisted fairy-tale nightmare? Red lips and gold lamé? Yes please!”

Co-Directed by Jon Morris and Michael McQuilken
Produced by Ana Constantino

"I'm laughing so hard, i'm crying!!  great video!" --nighthawknina86
"When a couple of inflatables get more action than I do." Jay Gonzales 
"We just watched Wacky, waving, inflatable arm flailing tube people get it on. This is why I love Andrew lmao." -- WoodBLike
"This video is cool because the way that the  beginning of love feels JUST LIKE being a wacky arm flailing inflatable tube man." -- Payton Hertel
"This is now my favourite music video, thank you for making it!" -- Amanda Park