"Sampa The Great is so refreshing. Rather than arrogance or aggression, her lyrics find their strength in pleasure and self worth. Not only this, her on-stage composition has lifted to masterful levels." RIPE

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TWF was commissioned to create an empowering daytime festival "diamond moment" for Sampa The Great at the Melbourne and Sydney Laneway Festivals in Australia. Inspired by Sampa's empowering lyrics "who am I to be a hero, who am I to not?" we envisioned Sampa's words magnified in physical form -- words of heroism becoming uniforms of empowerment. In less than a month, we conceived and hand-crafted a massive patchwork dress AND backdrop comprised of hundreds of interlaced individual capes--each cape a different bold African pattern honoring Sampa's heritage. The artisanal interconnected backdrop created a bold but warm vibe as the band took the stage. At the pinnacle moment of the set, Everybody Hero, Sampa dons the massive dress... she is Queen of the stage, mother Africa as the opposite end of the dress is then passed over the audience. The expansive quilt cascades from Sampa to blanket the audience in colorful shade. She calls to the people, "unlace your capes!" The audience unlace the canopy, to don their own capes, becoming their own super hero. What was once a stage dress is now hundreds of beautiful capes worn by heroes throughout the festival and life.

Melbourne and Sydney, Australia

Concept by Ana Constantino and Jon Morris
Creative Direction by Jon Morris
Produced by Ana Constantino
Handmade Cape Production by Bieta Prod
Backdrop Art by Meton Joffily de Alencar
Production Assistance: Josh Rowe
Fabrics: Laura Pitongui
Local Coordinators: Julia Valentini, Lauren Bok, Alice Fleming, Lauren Frahamer, Brodie Evans, Leif Wilson, Joanna Soares...
Special Thanks to Erica Valenti and the Laneway Festival for making this happen!