"What happens when two space obsessed outsiders cross paths on a sweltering Brooklyn afternoon? An epic dance party!" Concord Music

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So Close is a whimsical love story that follows two destined space-suited earth humans played by Tyler Gilstrap and Andrew McMahon himself. We follow our heroes as they meet, flirt, and battle in an epic Brooklyn dance-off. Another music video collaboration with Andrew McMahon which connects with our 2017 tour design.

New York City

Concept/Director: Michael McQuilken
Producer: Clementine Seely and Jon Morris
Starring Tyler Gilstrap and Andrew McMahon
Choreography Tyler Gilstrap
Aerial Choreography  5th Wall Studios
Edited by Michael McQuilken
VFX by Michael McQuilken
Assistant Director Anne Cecelia Haney
2nd Camera Ruben Pacheco
Costume Designer Laura Clarke
Rigger John Hartzel
Dancers; Alexzandra Knap, Suzanne Rzecznik, Geneva Jenkin, Talissa Barveressco, Steven Orrego Upegui
Extras; Cosomo Bayes, Eli Bayes, Jenna Bourgeois, Stephanie Hayes, Alyse Whitney, Christina Pawlowski, Edward Gallegos, Evan Bieber, Jennifer Scheiner, Kelsey Giarratana, Maggie Malach, Melanie Block, Roey Brocuglio, Samantha Fridell, Sandra Wittner, Shana Wagner, Stephanie Insalaco
5th Wall Studios, Friends NYC, MAST, Fumeroism,, Danielle DeZao