Your event was a truly mystical , aesthetical but intellectually cathartic moment for me. I have finally understood what it is that people consciously or unconsciously try to achieve via sacred rites. It has been a fantastic experience for me, appealing to both my emotions - and my reason. Again, thank you. -- Guy-Philippe Goldstein.

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Approaching St. Lazare Church just before sunset we hear the sound of a harp echoing within. 186 people from all over the world stand in white robes each with a single word scrawled across their chest. “Somedays, my faith seems a flightless bird…” United in white robes, in poetry, dwarfed by 12th century architecture we link arms to make phrases. Global rituals shine on the white robes, we become screens for each other, gifting beautiful images to one another. We raise our arms in Christ like poses to host these spirits — a Cao Dai ritual from Vietnam; Orlando Vera ritual in Peru; an Easter ritual in Ethiopia… collected by Vincent Moon. The cathedral dome becomes a projected melting pot of ritual practice, showcasing humanity’s quest for connection, for meaning, for truth. Mira Awad sings out in Arabic, a haunting solo blends into a beautiful duet with Hadas Kleinman playing the cello. The extroverted crowd is silent. Leah Siegel sings a hopeful prayer, “Death is Not the End.” In this moment, humanity feels eternal, as if death must not be the end…

St. Lazare Church, Avallon, France

Concept & Direction: Jon Morris
Production: Jon Morris & Muriel Sergent
Video Artist: Vincent Moon
Projectionists: Andrew Shearer, Andrus Aaslaid, Cedric Madrid, Colin Payne, Diana Saarva, Vishal Nangalia, Guido Van Nispen, Roderick, Tali Orad
Harp: Wendy Tahara
AM Box, Uke, Voice: Jurgis Didžiulis
Voice: Mira Awad
Cello & Voice: Hadas Kleinman
Guitar, Voice, & Poem: Leah Siegel
RIF6 Projectors: Provided by Mohawk
Photos by: Maaike Engels, Benoit Bergeret, Fabrice Cavarretta, and Jerome Wittamer
Special thanks: Mark Goldberg, Saint-Lazare Church, Yaniv Sarig, Amir Orad, Erin McPhereson, Rae Richman, Kim Huynh-Kieu, Sten-Kristian Saluveer, Marius Veltman, Pablo Lobo, Pia Poppenreiter, Helen Lohmus, Muriel Sergent, and everyone else who helped make it possible.