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TWF was commissioned to create a video for Collapsing Scenery's Bush Mama Blues. Inspired by conversations with the band members Jon Morris dreamed up a surrealist landscape in which the band and the Era footcrew exist in a developer's snow globe being shaken around at Capitalism's will. Reggie Debris writes of the song, "We often think of the phenomena of the cycle of urbanization, urban decay, and gentrification as a kind of force of nature, when in fact these patterns are largely socially engineered. This song is about the rapacious greed and racism of landlords, developers, and city planners."

Directed by Jon Morris and Branan Edgens

Starring Don Devore, Mickey Madden, and Litebulb, Chief Manny, P-Top, and Steelo from The Era Footwork Crew
Produced by Clementine Seely