"Truly mesmerizing. The most unique chandelier I've ever seen." Matrix

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Custom LED balloons installed in a multilayer circular cloud chandelier. People move underneath in wonder as they are bathed in subtle light and beautiful patters of color. Complex programming reveals various colors and patterns from subtle to frenetic. The installation can be voice-activated, synced with a DJ, or incorporated into a theatrical performance.

Orlando, FL

Concept: Jon Morris
Creative Direction: Jon Morris
Producer: Ana Lima Constantino
Technology Development/Design: Lumigeek
Programming: Bobby McElver & John Taylor
Lighting Design: Bobby McElver, John Taylor, Josh Higgason, Branan Edgens
Rigging Design: Dave Pakenham
Hardware: Joe Joe Martin
Production Assistants: Josh Vincent, Katrina Harrison, and Alex Samson
Production Support: Rose MallareEvent
Production: LDJ Productions
Event Creative Direction: Vance Garret
Event Choreographer: Abdur-Rahim Jackson
Laurie DeJong, David Steinberg, Dale Mauri, Danielle Dezao