"This song took me out of my depression :') thank you." Jeniffer Gutierrez, YouTube

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The video for "Our Hearts" is the first from "And so they ran faster..." and depicts different stages of love and how we relate to it. "Love can be beautiful, fluid, lyrical and at the same time messy and frustrating," notes Siegel. "It can be uncomfortable, awkward, silly and ridiculous." The video is directed by Jon Morris of The Windmill Factory and he affirms that his greatest inspiration was from the breath at the beginning of the track. "It's a detail you might miss on first listen but one that for us became the 'ah ha!' moment of creation. We went inside of the singer to a cold mystery world where an Icy Leah would navigate her fears, represented by bird like figures, to discover love personified by a polar bear in tails. The beautifully poetic fight/struggle between Leah and the bear represents our journey with love as we run deeper and deeper further and further to discover the heart, represented by a red curtain staged party. The whole journey is one we all know well one that Leah so miraculously captured in the song."

Brooklyn, NY

Concept Jon Morris and Leah Siegel
Executive Producer Leah Siegel
Produced by The Windmill Factory and Firehorse
Directed by Jon Morris

Directors of Photography & Lighting Branan Edgens and Marcus Burnett
Assistant Director Ruben Pacheco
Edited by Branan Edgens
with Aaron Thompkins of Rock Paper Scissors
Special Effects and Color by Wes Waldron at Fluid
Costumes by Jillian Maslow and Leah Siegel
Bird Choreography Tyler Gilstrap
Polar Bear head by Ken Berman
Make up by Anna Webber
Catering by Suzanne Boothby
Rigging by Richard Mark Szpigiel and Nelson Rockwood
Photography by Andrew Hanenberg and Greg Liburd
Production Crew: Emily Davis, Michael Mathis, Jenny Sowden, Alisha Richards, Dan Levin, Nick Michlewicz, Rich Szpigiel, Rich at Acme.
Special Thanks to Benji Rogers and Mike Fordham at Pledge Music, Andrew Sherman at Fluid, Jeff Kilgour & Tijuana Gift Shop, Sean Patrick at Acme Studios, The Stone Mountain Farm and the Center for Symbolic Studies, Rich Schwab, Framestore, Mass Market, Rock Paper Scissors, Gwyneth Larsen, Billy Mullholland, and Chris Berlin.

"While the entire video is quite epic both in it's minimal feel and unique take on the music and the music video genre. . . The first half of the video's conceptual work and editing are exceptional in both expressing the rhythmic composition as well as the mood of the song. Great job director, crew, and post-production." -- Jamison Valenta