"The best use of Con Edison Steam...ever. That felt like we were on an intimate stroll through Times Square with Prince, Sam Cook all the greats enjoying an endless yet flighting moment out of time..." Fan

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Artist Adam Collignon called Fool, ​“the most beautiful yet lonely song ever heard.” To capture this mood on film, we create a holographic-like apparition in Times Square. We watch Leah sing in real-time as a timelapse of the coldest night of the year passes from sunset to sunrise. The chaos of our city clears and returns again. Leah Siegel sings, ​“Looking out on a cold night, I know there’s more trouble than my own.”​ The city whirls around her at hyper speed as her image, like an apparition, comes and goes as the steam shifts in the wind. In contrast to capital controlled Times Square media space, mother nature controls how much access we gain to Leah. She stares calmly at us as the frantic lights try to buy our attention.

Times Square

Concept: Jon Morris
Directors: Jon Morris and Branan Edgens
Written and Performed by Leah Siegel of Firehorse
Editing by Branan Edgens
Timelapse by Will O'Hare
FX by Wes Waldron
Production Assistants: Emily Davis, Aidan O'Shea, Paula Acosta, Marissa Maislen
Times Square Art Alliance