"A Serbian princess just read me a sunrise story, I'm on a water bed in the desert, and they're feeding me hot bacon!" Cara, Guest Registry

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Our repurposed vintage waterbed motel room in deep playa for Burning Man 2017 featuring daily breakfast in bed, turn down service, and exquisite amenities. Relax. Take your shoes off and slip on a custom bathrobe, read Gideon's Bible, slide under a fur duvet into cheetah sheets as the entire bed wiggles and jiggles with anyone's slightest movement. Stargaze on water in the desert. Enjoy a glass of fine bourbon from the mini bar in a crystal glass. Pull up a chair or dive on in, up to 15 guests in bed at once! Stay five minutes or an entire night, "You're Always Welcome” at the Dream Boat Motel. and other iphone documentation of our deep desert water bed motel at 2017's Burning Man Arts Festival. Breakfast in bed and turn down services were offered daily throughout the festival -- bedtime poetry, sunrise grilled cheese, mimosa fairies, and even sunrise miso jesus!

Concept by Leah Siegel and Jon Morris
Creative Direction by Jon Morris
Produced by Jon Morris
Built by Leah Siegel, Ben Rosenblum, Connor Drexler, John Hilmes, Beau Lotto, Benoit Brgrt, Brady Forrest, Chris Berlin, Jonah Levy, Isabel Behncke Izquierdo,
Motel Attendants Miso Jesus, The Mimosa Fairies, Marc Goldberg, Christine Carville, Leah Siegel, Jon Morris, Daniela Stajnfeld, Danny Seal, Tamas David-Barrett, Alisha Richards, Dave Belis, Sundowners, Street Justice
Photos by Steph Goralnick

Special thanks to Eleonora Johanna Walczak!, John Parts Taylor, Sundowners, RX and Street Justice,
"This was hands down my favorite installation at Burning Man. I've been here every night since I found it, met so many people, and had just the best time. I even had dinner in bed with Jesus!" from the Guest Registry