“The HEED app maps out the pulse of the game, using artificial intelligence (AI) to detect significant ‘micro moments’ with video and data displays sent to the app in real-time. It’s the first time that AI and IOT (the Internet of Things) have been incorporated into a major sports league.” Reuters

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Heed selected TWF over top global digital agency submissions to create their Euroleague brand identity and design over 30 After Effects video templates. We won the pitch by crafting an overall concept of "Heed Vision" which sees sports through a galactic yet playful lens, somewhere between Space Jam and Tron Legacy. As games are played live our design templates are triggered in real time by data identified spectacular basketball moments--insane dunk, buzzer beater, explosive move, fierce defense.... Users receive the moments on their phones as they happen and are able to collect them like digital baseball cards. Making these data driven moments exciting is the central feature of Heed's social platform.


Concept and Creative Direction by Jon Morris
Animation and After Effects Direction by Nicholas Rubin
Produced by Ana Constantino and Clementine Seely
Sound Design by Finger Music
Lead UX Design by Mikhail Gervitz
Lead Design by BobbiJo McCauley
Designed by Nicholas Rubin, Max Berkowitz, Mikhail Gervitz, Celina Arslanian, Michael McQuilken, Juliana Eiger, Elizabeth Lee, Eddy Katt, Edmund Chen, Peter Panton, Maria Juranic
"HEED, a revolutionary new platform that combines social media, IoT and data analytics to create an entirely new category of digital experience, has launched its first consumer release in time for the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Playoffs, which begin today." -- Euroleague
“This latest partnership with HEED provides fans with a dynamic digital experience that brings the action closer than ever before, whether in-arena or at home.” Ari Emanuel, Endeavor CEO 
"Danna showed me your social video. Brilliant!" Matti Kohavi, Heed Founder/Main Investor