"The best tour show I've seen in a long while." Bob McLynn, Co-Founder of Crush Music

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"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood." Mr. Rogers has a warm place in most of our hearts. So when envisioning an intimate acoustic tour Andrew wanted to celebrate his legacy. We jumped at the idea to craft a quaint theatrical design pulling inspiration from 80s sit coms, Wes Anderson films, and Mr Rogers himself we crafted a playful evening of music, comedy, and heartfelt stories. Rather than touring with an opening act we created one fluid show which weaves together music from 4 friends who love to play together; Zac Clark is welcomed to the neighborhood, Allen Stone appears through a painting in the wall, Bob Oxblood swaggers onstage in leather. We even worked in a mysterious Sand Lot inspired Babe Ruth appearance! As the evening progresses we learn more about these men as musicians, as friends and by the end of the evening the world feels smaller, a little more like a neighborhood. You never know who might ring the doorbell.

North American Tour

Concept: Andrew McMahon and Jon Morris
Director: Jon Morris
Staring: Andrew McMahon, Bob Oxblood, Zac Clark, and Allen Stone
Scenic Designer Keith Mitchell
Lighting Designer Eric Price
Sound Designer Jon Morris
Carpenter Tim Otman
Production Manager Matt Wilson
Tour Manager Chris Walkowski
Stage Tech Alex Perkins
Manager Ian Planet
Fred Rogers and Crush Music