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Developed from a Pollination Process (TWF guided creative process) with Melcher Media we set out to create a narrative  experience for The Future Of Storytelling Summit 2014 (FOST). We engaged collaborator Christine Jones to help develop THE GUILD. Future storytellers that traveled back in time to create a collective meant to save the art of storytelling. We enlisted 12 members to join us for the Summit. THE GUILD opened FOST with a rain initiation ceremony where they led attendees in making rain by snapping their fingers, patting thighs, and jumping in unison to create thunder. This gesture culminated with the entire audience singing a chord in harmony. Attendees were selected and initiated into various stages of THE GUILD; taught a secret handshake, recorded their memories of rain, and many were gifted an intimate one on one experience. THE GUILD finalized its work by initiating attendees at the Masonic Temple in Manhattan with a Choral rendition of “Tomorrow Never Knows” by the Beatles. This transitioned to an audio-story-montage of rhythms and rain memories recorded the previous day on Snug Harbor. As this track played THE GUILD sang gentle “oooooohs” while Kyle Driggs performed his Silver Medal Prix Arte prize winning juggling solo with a red umbrella.

Concept/Direction: Christine Jones and Jon Morris
Guild Director/Conductor: Michael McQuilken
Guild Assistant Director: Will O’Hare
Produced by Ana Lima Constantino
The Guild of Future Storytellers Chenaza Uche, Dianna Oh, Keneza Schaal, Kyle Driggs, Leah Siegel, Liam Lane, Mia Barron, Michael McQuilken, Natalie Thomas, Sarah Sokolovic, Sayda Trujillo, Wil Petre.
Umbrella Solo Performance by Kyle Driggs
Rain Memory Track by Dave Groener
Choir Director Matt Morello
Costumes by Kate Power of Fleet Jewelry
Writer Emily Schwend
Photos by Will O’Hare