"We were blown away." Mark Bezos, Senior Vice President, Robin Hood Foundation

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We were engaged to help solve the need for a single space to be a keynote stage/audience AND a space for small group breakout sessions. Beginning with a consultancy our responsibility grew to creating a full comprehensive conference design which would enhance deep connection, spark active participation, stimulate collaboration and hopefully global change. The stage transformed into 12 separate brainstorm tables in a collective game; the topics were introduced through dance interludes; chair covers became a phrase generating word game, made a 200 word poem, which then became the swag bags; stretch breaks unknowingly taught choreography which culminated in a 250 person flower; strangers group hugged after only 48 hours.

Creative Direction by Jon Morris
Choreographic Transitions by Tyler Gilstrap and Will O’Hare
Scenic Design by Amy Rubin
Lighting by Amith Chandrashaker
Production Design by Josh Higgason

TunanuT dancers; Marcus bellamy, Liz Yilmaz, Geneva Jenkins, Suzie Rzecznik, Jake Deibert, Jackie Nowicki, Lynda Senisi, Tracy Dunbar, and Christopher Tierney.
Guest Performances by Leah Siegel and Dave Hodge of Leisure Cruise
Swag Bag Poetry by Haiku Guys and spoken word recording by Micheal McQuilken
Signage design by Wolff Olins
Production by Wizard Studios
Jerri Chou and The Feast, Pioneer Works, Ella Marder
"A progression of interactive experience to the last detail." Guest
"Every now and again, the right conference can give you the kick you need to remember why you love what you do." Good Magazine
“The Feast inspires us to switch out our thinking caps for thinking stetsons, ready for a duel with social injustice."

"It was an incredible forum for sharing interests, setting the stage for collaboration, and expanding possibilities.”

"I have never attended an event where people were so singularly focused on connecting, engaging, and helping everyone they could."