“Surprised YouTube hasn't classified this as porn yet.” Wonderful Shrimp

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Building on The Windmill Factory's summer festival stage design for Andrew McMahon Jon Morris and Andrew conceived of a love story between the two tube dancers who danced on stages across America with the band. Next, we found ourselves inflating the two tubular lovers all over our fair city; the NYC subway, Newtown Creek, The New Museum, Black Flamingo, Brooklyn Bridge, Prospect Park, Times Square.... 2,743,624 views and counting...

New York City, NY

Co-Directed by Jon Morris and Michael McQuilken
Produced by Ana Constantino and Clementine Seely
Jacob Marshall | Scout Myasaki-Lane | Stephanie Insalaco | Maggie Malach | Mallorie Rosenbluth | Alyse Whitney | Kelsey Giarratana | Jocelyn Schneider | Alex Rush | Claudia Titolo | Jessica Flynn | Brooke Myasaki-Lane | Chris Griffin | Liam Myasaki-Lane | Evan Bieber | Roey Brocuglio | Jeff Hong | Erica Phillips | Jennifer Scheiner | Miquella Baker | Andie Pourroy | Michael Campbell | Janel Griffith | Thomas Cianci | Lisa Nardi | Leslie Engel | Jessica Ross | Brianna Buckler | Josh Vincent | Rachel Weisman | Jenna Minetola  | Shanna Bowman | Michelle Smithers | Matthew Smithers | Denah Emerson | Cayleigh Shuey | Alexa Accardi | Brianna Flick | Leah Flick | Amberlee Isabella | Emma Saccone | Chantel Malin | Julie Lau | Jessica Gianfredi | Shellene Williams | Junho Song | Christine Runco | Elizabeth Marie DiGangi | Ashley Daudish | David Williams | Christina CordesPatricia Bilotto | Kahlie Coen | Liz Bennie | Emily Tantuccio | Kathleen Ciasullo | Jason Colton | Katherine James | Melanie Block | Sarah Schock | Kevin Burke | Stephanie O'Byrne | Karen Malin | James Neas 

"I'm laughing so hard, i'm crying!!  great video!" --nighthawknina86
"When a couple of inflatables get more action than I do." Jay Gonzales 
"We just watched Wacky, waving, inflatable arm flailing tube people get it on. This is why I love Andrew lmao." -- WoodBLike
"This video is cool because the way that the  beginning of love feels JUST LIKE being a wacky arm flailing inflatable tube man." -- Payton Hertel
"This is now my favourite music video, thank you for making it!" -- Amanda Park