December 2019

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TWF was brought in to create a high impact, portable, and controllable design for The Range for a series of club shows. We designed a high impact portable rig that he could roll around with on his own with all of his gear. The main feature of the design was a 99% transparent screen which would nicely frame James and showcase gorgeous generative content from Vade. We incorporated a lighting element on the backside of the screen that sampled colors from our video content to softly light Jame. All video and lighting elements were incorporated into the midi playback system so James had agency to morph the generative content on the fly. YouTube heard about the design and featured it in this recording of the track “Florida.”

North America

Creative Director Jon Morris
Scenic Designer Jon Morris
Production by Ana Constantino

Video Programming Vade
Video Content Vade
Screen build Dave Smith
Chris Lunney, Eoin