"laughter, fear, elation from all." NBC News

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30’ tall, 24’ wide, 72’ long massive grassy ramp angled to the sky. Aerial Performance/Teaching Center, Plush Lounge, Panoramic Lookout and 72 foot Slide. The Wedge is legend. It overjoyed and delighted over 30,000 people taking over one million slides, hosted 30 flying lessons & 10 performances receiving the tag, “the most interactive installation in Burning Man history.” Favorite sliding gear: car hood, missile, EMT stretcher.

Black Rock City, NV | Burning Man Arts Festival

A collaboration led by The Windmill Factory with International Rigging, Airealistic, 2nd Species, and Grounded Aerial
Concept by Gwyneth Larsen, Billy Mulholland, Rose Mallare, Jon Morris
Creative Direction by Jon Morris
Produced by Ana Constantino
Core Creative by Ana Constantino, Billy Mullholland, Gwyneth Larsen, Jon Morris, Jose Penalonzo, Karen Fuhrman, Rose Mallare, and Simon Franklyn
Strategic Planning and Renders by William Oberlin, Brian Ferrier, Jose Penalonzo, Dan Horwitz, and Benjamin Rosenblum
Build by Joanne Solomon, Emily Davis, Ryan Fix, Russ Stark, Chris Berlin, Oklahoma, Etan Fraiman, Jorge, Jonboy, Michael Mathis, Jonny O, Finnegen Kelly, Amanda, Shenika and Veronica Adams, Ana Constantino, Billy Mulholland, Gwyneth Larsen, Jon Morris, Jose Penalonzo, Karen Fuhrman, Rose Mallare, and Simon Franklyn
Relaxomatic, Pure Project, Disorient, Burning Man, The Artery, The DWP, Syn Lawn, and all who burned their ass! 
Co-Directed by Jon Morris and Michael McQuilken
Produced by Ana Constantino

"I'm laughing so hard, i'm crying!!  great video!" --nighthawknina86
"When a couple of inflatables get more action than I do." Jay Gonzales 
"We just watched Wacky, waving, inflatable arm flailing tube people get it on. This is why I love Andrew lmao." -- WoodBLike
"This video is cool because the way that the  beginning of love feels JUST LIKE being a wacky arm flailing inflatable tube man." -- Payton Hertel
"This is now my favourite music video, thank you for making it!" -- Amanda Park