"Beautiful... it's like controlling the heavens!" Excited Guest

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This cave-like interactive installation was created as a site-specific installation for Flora Farms in Los Cabos, Mexico. Move your hands above an infrared cone to send commands to 30 lights and 30 speakers evenly spaced on a long grassy corridor. Powerful beams extend vertically into the sky forming ever-changing generative patterns of light architecture paired with an ethereal spatialized sound design.

Los Cabos, Mexico

Concept: Jon Morris with Josh Higgason & Beau Burrows
Producer: Ana Lima Constantino
Sound Design and Performance: Leah Siegel
Lighting Design: Beau Burrows of Future Wife
Audio Producer and Engineer: Gabe Liberti of Dave and Gabe
Audio Spatialization: Dave Rife of Dave and Gabe
Video Footage by Gabe Liberti and Curt Remington
Annelies Echols, Future Space, Flora Farms, and JSAV